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Welcome to our blog EsiEfektīvs.lv!

We are a team of creative people who are always looking for things that make everyday life better. So we’re keen to learn new things and find ways to make everyday life simpler and still more efficient. For us, topics such as leisure, health, home businesses, planning, useful gadgets and gifts are hot topics.

The main aim of each article, whatever the topic, is to help find the best solution. It could be finding the right gift or looking at the most effective gadgets.

If you are also interested in these topics and would like to join our team of writers, we are ready to offer internship opportunities. We also work with companies that want to gain piblicity and useful SEO links through the EsiEfektīvs.lv blog.

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esiefektivs about us

Internship opportunities in content production

Internship opportunities in content production

You can be part of our creative team and write interesting articles on the above topics. We write about what’s hot right now. We are also regularly looking for new sources of inspiration – maybe you will be one of them!

Blog articles should be around 300-500 words long, but this is not set in stone. Here you will learn not only how to write articles, but also how to prepare them for successful publication. This includes learning about SEO and how to optimise text. If you find this offer interesting, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Let’s talk cooperation!

esiefektivs about us

Publicity cooperation opportunities

We are also open to cooperation with businesses. As you can see from the content of our blog, we particularly like to support our own. Līdz ar to pašmāju uzņēmumi mums ir ļoti aktuāls temats, tāpēc mēs varētu izpalīdzēt arī publicitātes veidošanā.

We offer several types of cooperation for companies, but the main platform is articles. We may include various links and/or content.

1 – product links

We can add product links to newly created or existing articles. This could be a product summary article or a product recommendation article, such as Christmas gifts. Then, we can agree on the products we are promoting and the keywords we are trying to improve the SEO value of.

For an example, see the article Buy gifts to support Latvian businesses.

2 – article about the company

We can also create interesting articles about the company itself. These can be articles about the company’s success story, development, products, or perhaps an entire article can be devoted to a specific product. The key is that the articles are on topics that are interesting, engaging and relevant to us.

Example in Revolut card – the digital alternative to a bank card.

3 – Advice article

Another way to collaborate might be to put just a few links at the end of an interesting article. For example, create an article on a general topic and end it with an article on the brand or product in question.

This is best exemplified in articles like Daily heart rate monitor for a more active lifestyle.

For any collaboration, please contact [email protected].

Find out more about us, we’d love to hear more about you! See you soon!